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Top 2 Facts about Casino Slot Machines

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Slot machines are the main source of livelihood for most online casinos and gaming halls. These games are very popular and are played all over the world because of their brightly coloured pictures, ear-pleasing sounds and the excitement they provide. However, this has not always been the case. Slot machines only started to gain popularity rapidly around 1980, but today they are super-popular.

Who doesn’t know how casino slots work – they use a random number generator and all you have to do is press a button or turn a crank. If the symbols on the screen match, you get a reward. If they don’t match, you will lose your bet. It sounds simple, but many people who play casino slots don’t know these important facts:

Most casino slots pay out more than 90%

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Known as the percentage of money returned to the player or the refund percentage. It is very important to understand how casino slots work. Did you know that every time you press a button, you return 15-5% of your bet amount to the casino? Yes, if you make a bet of 1 EURO, the casino will have earned about 0.10 EURO! The payback percentage varies from machine to machine. In some it may be 85% and in others 95%. This percentage is regularly increased to attract and retain customers due to the high level of competition.

Slot machine payout percentages vary between online casinos and gaming halls. Interestingly, many players believe that the percentage is higher in online casinos, but this is definitely not the case!

Gambling halls do not keep track of how many “jackpots” each slot machine has dispensed

Many players believe that there are “hot” and “cold” slots, or slots that are currently “giving” and slots that are not “giving”. This is because players think that every slot machine has a limit to how much money it will pay out, but this is just a superstition! Although it is very likely that modern slot machines are equipped with this kind of Jackpot tracking, they still use random symbols, so each spin is completely unique and unaffected by previous ones. This means that as soon as one Jackpot is paid out, another Jackpot can be won with the next spin of the slot. Provided it’s your lucky day, of course.

Pre-auction slot jackpots are almost as big as the lottery

Pre-auction slot jackpots

Progressive Slot Jackpots are one of the newest and most exciting innovations in the industry. They work differently from regular Jackpots and are a very interesting addition to slot machines. The concept of this jackpot is as follows: everyone who plays a particular game in a particular casino is entered into a large jackpot draw, the accumulation of which is made up of all players combined. To keep things fair, the Jackpot is initially set at a certain amount, e.g. €1000. After that, a small percentage of each bet placed will be added to this jackpot and the amount won will increase. It will grow until a lucky player wins it.

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