Template bluff in poker

Bluffing is not what people are used to seeing on TV and in the movies. It’s not crazy bets with beautiful but completely blank cards, it’s not risking millions with a beastly stare and cigar chewing to force your opponent to fold. In the poker that is played to maximise mathematical variance and profit, or… Continue reading Template bluff in poker

Stealing Blinds in Poker

In general, the blinds are the heart of the game. Without them, poker would be a meaningless activity where everyone sits around waiting to be dealt aces. Blinds, or blinds, are in place to make each round of the game cost something for every player. To play for a profit, you must firstly learn to… Continue reading Stealing Blinds in Poker

How do we play poker?

There are dozens of profitable poker styles. These range from mathematically based strategies, where the player must adhere to strict betting and playing card limits to styles that focus on playing against specific opponents; to the “drunk plumber” strategy, where you can make a profit by playing a large number of starting hands and taking… Continue reading How do we play poker?

Online betting is convenient

Imagine it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re waiting for your favorite team’s game to start. A friend calls you and tells you that one of the best players of the opposing team has been injured and will not be able to participate in the game. You conclude that without this player’s opponents, the chances of winning… Continue reading Online betting is convenient

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