Use VS code if you are a Python Developer

As a Python Developer, it is recommended to try out Visual Studio Code. If you want an efficient approach to Python development, it might come as a surprise how good VS Code is.

Great features of the VS Code for Python Development

Auto-Complete function

The VS Code features a surprisingly accurate, fast and virtualenv-aware code completion. Upon installing a module into your virtualenv using the command-line, the auto-complete feature for that element is readily available.

The best part is that it will not slow you down while typing. Generally, it is fast and surprisingly efficient. It is a highly-recommended productivity tool to include in your wish list.

Format on Save

You have the option to configure the VS Code to automatically run black on any Python file you are writing when saving the file. With VS Code, you no longer need to manually re-format the code when refactoring. Since this feature is built-in to VS Code, you do not need a plugin anymore.

Depending on your needs, you can easily disable this feature using either the keyboard shortcut or by simply clicking the “Formatting” button at the base of the window.

PyTest-Aware Test Discoverer

Among the features of VS Code, this truly stands out since it enables you to execute any single arbitrary test with just one click.

Pipenv Support

The team of VS Code Python placed a lot of effort to support Pipenv projects. This simply means that not only are the Pipenv virtualenvs instantly revealed and triggered, but Pipfile and Pipfile.lock are properly formatted (as JSON & TOML correspondingly).

Why should I use VS Code?

Aside from the great support for Python, there are several reasons to utilize VS Code as your daily editor.

Community buy-in/energy

The plugin/theme community has shifted its focus from creating themes for Sublime Text and Atom. All the energy is shifted into the VS Code network.

Efficient built-in terminal emulator

This feature is not available in Sublime Text. The Terminal Emulator in VS Code is generally unrivaled and has not caused any issues.

Git/VCS integration

The gutter markers commit in the browser to push or pull the works.

No new shortcuts

In case you have a different editor installed, VS Code will ask if you want to adopt the keyboard shortcuts of that editor.

Let’s wrap it up

With VS Code, it stands out from the rest with the following features:

  • A highly efficient, stable and configurable engine that the developer can use to configure the ideal dev environment.
  • Reasonable defaults which work out of the box without any configuration necessary.

If you want to switch to a more efficient tool, VS Code is the best choice.

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